Netcup Root Server Vouchers

RootServers Vouchers:

The netcup root servers have dedicated cores for excellent performance and a network port speed of 2.5 Gbit / s for all price plans. The servers have a lot of RAM and SSD storage for faster loading times. They come with a direct remote console for VNC use. Both Linux and Windows operating system installations are supported. With the netcup vouchers that we offer here, you will receive additional free months on netcup root servers.

RootServers Coupons:

  1. Netcup RS 1000 G9 3 Months Free
  2. Netcup RS 2000 G9 3 Months Free
  3. Netcup RS 4000 G9 2 Months Free
  4. Netcup RS 8000 G9 1 Month Free

Below is the list of netcup coupons that will save you money and get the best servers and web hosting. The netcup vouchers below are updated regularly.

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Netcup RS 1000 G9 – 3 Months Free Vouchers:

  • 2716nc16430469450
  • 2716nc16430467350
  • 2716nc16428316350
  • 2716nc16424202511
  • 2716nc16423482510

The RS 1000 G9 server has 2 dedicated cores from AMD EPYC 7702 with 160 GB of super-fast SSD for EUR 8.40 per month. It has 8 GB of RAM. This is one of the cheapest dedicated vserver out there. You can use the above-mentioned netcup vouchers to receive RS 1000 G9 free of charge for 3 months.

Netcup RS 2000 G9 – 3 Months Free Vouchers:

  • 2717nc16430503350
  • 2717nc16430359350
  • 2717nc16430071350
  • 2717nc16429684350
  • 2717nc16429549350

The RS 2000 G9 comes with 16 GB of RAM for 14.00 euros. It has 4 dedicated cores from AMD EPYC 7702 with 320 GB of super-fast SSD storage. Ideal for medium-sized websites and applications. The network speed is 2.5 Gbit / s. With the above-mentioned netcup vouchers, you receive 3 months of RS 2000 G9 free of charge.

Netcup RS 4000 G9 – 3 Months Free Vouchers:

  • 2718nc16430395021
  • 2718nc16430395020
  • 2718nc16430269350
  • 2718nc16427110350
  • 2718nc16415976510

The RS 4000 G9 is a great mid-tier server type. It can be used to host multiple heavy duty websites and applications. It comes with 32 GB of RAM and 6 dedicated cores from AMD EPYC 7702. It has 800 GB of storage. The network speed is 2.5 Gbps which is great for all types of applications.

Netcup RS 8000 G9 – 1 Months Free Vouchers:

  • 2719nc16430458350
  • 2719nc16430359360
  • 2719nc16428793350
  • 2719nc16428424360
  • 2719nc16425912511

The RS 8000 G9 is the absolute beast. It has 10 dedicated cores from AMD EPYC 7702 and 2 TB SSD storage for only 44 euros. It is ideal for many high traffic websites and game servers. The network speed of 2.5 Gbps is also fantastic. It also has 64 GB of RAM.